ophthalmic goitre, acromegaly — a very interesting
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morphine. He said that the general mortality due to this treat-
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doctor exhibited the instrument he said " she was as well
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bowels were washed out by lavement. Not a drop of urine escaped from the
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Dr. Parry is not prepared to adopt the view that rickets is hereditary,
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have greater difficulty in emptying, there will be retention
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joint disease. In one case the symptoms disappeared,
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duce a high degree of amblyopia, yet the longer the
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right hypochondrium rather than in the abdomen, nau-
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putrefies little by little, the carbol, combining with the degenerate albumen
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after the operation was equally protective for early graft
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tongue, larynx and pharynx, and masticator}* muscles are especially
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foot alone. She can also balance herself fairly well
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1. Weak conditions of the generative system 7. Exhaustive conditions of the nervous system
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suitable either for internal administration or for local injection,
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to push these or any drugs to the point of vomiting or even nausea in the
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fees. But if there is anything in the way of social legislation which
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an engrossing one. It is not my intention to describe here in
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the two kidneys may not be the same. Kouznetzky has
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Dr. A. M. Veclder, Lecturer on Anatomy and Physiology, at Union
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affecting the posterior base of the brain must tend to produce paretic
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upon our superior therapeutic resources, no exception can be
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On the Parathyroid Glands, and Tetany following their
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mixture agreeable, as well as grateful to the irritable stomach.
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labour pains, nor had she met with an injury of any sort.
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the requirements for interstate shipment of live stock and the other
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examination proved that in these cases death was the result of this
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■without there being necessarily observed any of the lesions usually
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cess gets larger, the whole thus assuming an oblong or pro-
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manifestation of the fever, that a mistake in this respect was
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preside over it, whereby the stimulus of food, which in health ex-
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moderate in eating. The mouth is crowded with food, and success-
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but when you consider the decrease in mortality from 24.2
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of cremation within a year or two, the most important of