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The world is facing a resurgence of potentially lethal
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Beaumetz who recently submitted to the Academie de Medicine of
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epileptics is commonly of such kind that the patient rarely imagines
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which at first formed no gas suddenly reverted to the gas forming type
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he comes to the point of tying the suture threads or ligatures.
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several vesicles lined with cuboidal epithelium and containing basic staining
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or back of the fetlock as in the gallop the injury may be
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and classify ovarian tumors and Harrisburg amp PGH with
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fibrous tissue the excess of fibrous tissue forming thick
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yield the desired results is shown by the official reports of the
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Practice of Medicine. He was the author of many essays
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In summarizing the evidence as to the cause of calcareous degenera
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must also be taken into consideration in selecting a fit climate.
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following tables the one giving a key to the declensions
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the white blood corpuscles of normal individuals. He
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stances in connection with the irrital ility of the pa
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Gallavardin L. Alteration du complexe ventrialaire electrique block total
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vesical middle hremorrhoidal and uterine arteries. By the
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all but should rest in the open air and sunshine while
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already mentioned the following may be fairly laimel for this stetho
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conversed freely when roused from the stupor to which she was in
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seemed to me to be due more to the treatment of the constipation
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appreciated and judged since the advent of the rays. Skiagraphs of
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be more distinct as we approach the target and as we
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number a private com.munication being previously sent to each cor
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The number of persons in each series is small and one would hesitate
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made to present to the world a scientific treatise on this sub
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and in these there is a considerable degree of uncertainty in the effects
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Practically the same conditions are present in all the other forms of
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Dwyer and Streptococcus mucosus capsulatus was found
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With strychnine it presents no reaction except in strong solution when
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The American Medical Association. The committee of arrange
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Of this possibility we have abundant evidence alike in
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tive data provided by the returns of the Registrar General s department.
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and human life itself are dependent in no small d ree on the
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little fat an important point to which Minich has called