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vesical surface and then having introduced a catheter
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corpuscle will appear as a relatively large area almost colourless and
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severe attack of pain in the epigastrium associated with vomiting. There
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recently made that these institutions are rapidly deteriorating as
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chromophobe elements. Experimental removal of this gland
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at short intervals. Some diseases such as diphtheria require special
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showed very great improvement two moderate improve
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In the New England States the season of gi eatest mortality was
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either of those two affections and ataxy or chorea. In the one we
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By accidental origins or causes of disease are meant all those
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probable this instrument may be found useful. I refer to those flexions and
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of the ganglion cells of the anterior horns particularly
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vidual character without reference to their relation to the uter
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substance. When thin collodion sacs were used both protein and fat
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On the Nature or Endemic Epidemic and Pandemic Influences
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interest and to which we confess it is indebted chiefly for our
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To illustrate the point we will assume that we have deter
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GusTATiVE Sensation. Klaatsch and Stich have reported
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distention of the abdomen for the relief of which she
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the retina immediately afterwards. In the case of the human eye a
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tennae and legs. Ground it gives a disagreeable smelling
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bridge Mr. Arthur F. Sargent Tunbridge Wells The Registrar Genera I of
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work of the heart pump depends upon its musculature and that the latter