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blood count showed 19,000 leukocytes with 85 per cent polymor-
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Psychology in Psychiatry. Assistant Attending Psycholo-
he could remember, but during the last two years they had become more
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1889 a. — Quadro sinottico delle tenie umane <Boll. scient., Pavia, an. 11 [v. 3]
tions given in this branch of study. Anatomical plates might also be
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to the free surface of the mucous membrane, occupying its
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not so much the institution and the doctor as the really
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morning, he began to be a little stiller, resting two or
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peculiar reddish hrmon coloration when it loas touched witli
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much suppuration. Teaillier * has often noticed retardation of the
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secondary septic decomposition, which cannot be avoided in any other
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" Yes, I believe I've got all ; now, if he would only come I"
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1>e again set free on entrance into the blood, in which there
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fifteen weeks ago, with a bullous rash about the neck and the left
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was not long before he was convinced that lemon juice
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the establishment. Reduced to extreme poverty the hospital now was:
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proportion of deaths to the number treated is 1 in 666, and in the
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scruple in those cases that came under the charge of allopathic phy-
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in previous examples, adding additional amounts of chloroacetic acid,
indication ; viz. to restore strength and vigour to the general habit.
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is cosmopolitan, and can only grow well when fed from all
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and IJuhl, confirmed by his own experience, which prove that in such
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through the thick inflammatory tissue, and a rabbit's
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on a series of 400 cases studied by him in the Boston Children's Hos-
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gastro-intestinal canal, igniting and burning with a
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lead to the susjjicion of Bright's disease ; but there
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