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was 21.2 per 1,000 of their aggregate population, which for the

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symptom, Chismore, G., 532; on the choice of operation for the

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when convulsions occur late in the disease. My cases go to prove

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such persons are prone to a direct implication of the lungs.

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administration of from fifteen to seventy-five grains of

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the gland; but such do not by any means deserve the name of " man^

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influence of chloroform ; and consequently the old-fashioned rule

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diseased organ lay upon the vertebral column, as if riding upon

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turned out more unsatisfactory than did the steers, and were more fit for rendering ;

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Appeals was, whether a person could be convicted of

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ness of the intestinal wall. It is therefore uniform in its

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enhanced by the short account given of each medicine, and the lists of doses of its

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when 0.5 c.c. is injected, there is not sufficient toxin to kill when only

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the second dose of a mixture which she procured from a druggist;

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zyme-resistant proteins, or factors in the microenvironment,

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and females to propagate, he is confident that their

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or 60 years of age. Observation has shown that there are far

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2. Determination of potential energy of foods with the

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A working in-foal mare should be fed liberally, but

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ture again below the node, but auriculoventricular rhythm resulted when the

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In Connecticut, professors and teachers of anatomy are obliged to give

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complete identity in substances involved could be shown if the

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nurses, 4 ; dispensary, 2 ; family or friends, 25 ; other sources, 8.

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tumour being found to be so trifling, and yet fearful adhesions being

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capsular epithelial cells ; this latter condition, however, is probably the result of

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evidence of an effort at repair. The discharge is then

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chance of saving the patient is to bleed him from the arm or neck. This

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been somewhat prolonged, but the patient continued to retain his

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whey. 27th. Since last report the respiration has been much

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I was called, but could not go, and so ordered that a strong de-

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