the attadcs of neuralgia being separated by regular intermissions, cor-
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peared in Brookl3'n last spring, 186 cases have been
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Its action was very similar to that of digitaline in
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siderable period have been observed to sink entirely in water. In some instances
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every pain, partial or entire closure of the glottis, interfering with the
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duced results which, so far, promise so well. The ice treat-
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fc &A*T*S- /^a^C £l^C^ fetrWU 6L. <Oir^^7^7>r^ ^Z^C^C^k,
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partly free from adhesions, and usually a rapidly advancing caseous
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pressure on the inner lip of the wound having proved unavailing, an electro-
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However, the pulsation as aforesaid is alwajs weak and the h\se mur*
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On section, the parenchyma is sometimes mammillated, as the result of
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The head being presumed to present, the obvious remedy is to
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gone traveling about — perchance on a visit to the
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ganic and functional disease: " Patients affected with merely functional
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being unable to overcome the resistance alone. This being the first
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disease to most of those in the same ward, and several died.
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ter, of Buffalo, makes a very strong and dignified reply
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naked eye, and still more plainly under the microscope, from all
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three indications mentioned above. Of course, the general
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Description. — The worm is thread-like in calibre
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lack of oxygen. It is for this reason that the mammalian heart
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pruefte Kind unserer Sorgen ist schon durch so manches
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causative agent. The epidemics of Lonaconing, Md., and
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37° C. or the serum to which one-third its bulk of glycerin had
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stages, attended loith great exhaustion, delirium, etc.,
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consistency as the remaining one and a half pounds of buttet.
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epigastric artery, the operator rolls the peritoneal re-
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pin's point, becomes dilated ; there may be squinting and
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satisfactorily the requirements of his publisher, and given to the public as much,
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recovery and that of perforation. The former coincides with an improve-
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inconsiderable, but protracts the course of the disease very greatly. The
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ment, and are, therefore, difficult to distinguish from them. Endos-