tion. No increased incidence of bleeding was seen with

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consumer by some i:)rocess (pasteurization), which will destroy any

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is to be held at New Orleans, Louisiana, October 27th to 30th inclusive.

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On the 7th the urine was <lrawn clear and fiee from blood,

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has published a striking account of the prevalence of lead poison-

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appendix. When the appendix has been traced to its origin the

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Hospital who has tried has succeeded after the first or second

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disseminating information. Informal clinical policies

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being present in his cases, i.e., falling to one side, vomiting and optic

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artery, the subjacent bone offering the means of counter resist-

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plication to wounds. It is generally used in the form of a crys-

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tended and straight and the other semicircularly hooked, the organ-

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ingly hazardous, on account of the likelihood of serious

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are manufactured in the New World, but this is in part due to the

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tears, which is not coagulated either by acids or by

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may be localized in spots or extend over a large area. Erosion of the

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during infancy. The author has divided his book into four parts : on the

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tion, — not but what an army ration in itself is an ex-

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recognition of those whose procreative abilities should be sacri-

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hand, which is shortly to appear in the Proceedings of

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much as they will, lay them in a dish, pour over them any of

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complishment of our work to educate the public. At our meet-

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form is conveniently administered suspended in sweetened water, half a drop

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great that we were at times uncertain whether there might not

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ing this was a roan horse in the same stable in which I diagnosed

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his tables it appears that the difference of life be-

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next four days varied from 99.4° to 101 .4°. About twenty

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1895 (No. 1362); a very large, coarse form from Uva, July 10,

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7. Zegel HG, Miller WT: Subcutaneous emphysema in a young I

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hydrocuprein (1: 1,000,000); inoculation 0.01 c.c. C, Broth without ethylhydro-

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the same precautions in replacing the bowels that I

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men which extended from the umbilicus towards the antero-superior

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It will be necessary to exclude from consideration in this present study the

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the first thing that should be done was to make an incision

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causes are kept uj) until a permanent thickening of the affected

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had already, on January 5th of the same year, sent to

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temperature, 98^ to 100?, with the exclusion or only limited

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cation on the temples, in cataract. The treatment was persevered in for