ministered, the second fifteen minutes apart from the
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the test proper, so that the anticomplementary effects of antigen and
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If we now turn in succession to objects at diflferent depths in the humour, we observe
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We may conclude, therefore, that in the first experiment C0 2 accumulation
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ing of a proper virus. Outside of this, it may also be possible
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perform any of the ordinary business of life. The treat-
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ing on the large breeds, as they possess great power of
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causing slumber both of the muscular excitability and organic
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pure spirit mentioned, and use instead of them for the 42
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though several days elapse before death occurs. If convinced that our
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glands of opposite side contain minute foci. Spleen very large; contains large
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sutures closed the opening in the duct, one preliminary
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this Service is, with preventing the introduction and dissemination
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is very evident on comparing the second segment (B) with A and C,
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one the temperature was normal, and herpes labialis had appeared.
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Training. By J. Ramsay Hunt, The Journal of Nervous
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Messrs. Editors: — In accordance with a resolution passed
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have been used to prevent them in the British Armies. Appar-
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of hands; arterial insufficiency, usually of the Raynaud type; thrombocytopenic purpura.
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for three days I gave him only distilled water under the skin,
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*McClellan, Christopher R., 119 Pacific St., Brooklyn, Kings Co.
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recognize them, and it hardly seems possible to suppose
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bronchodilation produced by endogenous and exogenous catecholamine stimulation of
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a paroxyfm may generally be perceived once in twen-
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atrophic form and a muscular dystrophic form. To this differentiation
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ing processes were generally begun a few days previous to
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he had to cease work after three weeks. He did not attempt work
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included four of primary nasal infection and twenty-five in which the
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ague; (4) empyema of the gall-bladder or peritonitis
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Translated from the eleventh revised German edition (Gustav Fischer,
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has been had recourse to to inoculate for strangles. M. Damalix
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town of Meshbesh in the State of the Ukraine in Russia.