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inquiries were first of all directed by that view of the case ; and I
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cheerful companionship with plenty of amusement and interest
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come to notice. As to the origin of these vessels ; in
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[Read before The Worcester County Homoeopathic Medical Society.]
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after the severe irritation of the sensitive-nerve fila-
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plaster and calico bandages, are those from which we may
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March 23-25— STD/HIV for Outreach Workers. Centers for Disease Con-
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cotton under the foreskin and change this two or three times a day;
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acute diarrhea with pus or blood in the stools should be regarded
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considered to indicate very marked sinus arrhythmia.
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peritonitis in the mouse produced by a pseudotuberculosis bacillus. It was
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of the Napier Wing, built at the expense of the Right