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resection of a right cerebellar medulloblastoma infdtrating
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IV, represents about 20 per cent of the strains isolated from cases of
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Thrombosis of Mesenteric Blood-vessels, vol. vi, p.
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2 ; but the author himself is of opinion that more numerous e^>eriment8 are necessary to
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this day. Mr. Carpenter was attending a man j where
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darker in some certainly than in others, but as the disease
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present before salicylate. Sodium salicylate was injected in three divided doses
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to such an extent that the liquid does not find a suffi-
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old had many convulsions, very severe. For six months,
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that the thorax is forcibly contracting on occluded sacs of air.
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malignant tendency. It must be distinguished from eczema,
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to force the blood through the capillary plexus, and carry it onward
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tions to be asked of the medical literature, with a report to
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Originall}- published in 1904-5 as " Lectures in Pathology " this work
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The treatment consisted in abstinence from " farinaceous and sacchar-
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these ponderous tomes of Latin and Greek, though one of the
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ports conducted under General Lawson are perhaps to
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may be, the one and only treatment is early nephrectomy.
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The possibility of the Xew Sydenham Society shortly terminating its
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be a certain amount of illness apart from acute infec-
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unilateral or bilateral, and rarely are symptomatic or reduce
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These districts shall comprise the sixty counties of the State, arranged
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"1. If the tongue becomes more dry and baked, alcoholic stimulants gene-
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Diagnosis: — The cachectic appearance of the patient, the
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ophthalmomalacia, ocular phthisis, hypotonia; atrophy
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amounts. The quantity of precipitable substance present in a