phosphites, or phosphoric acid, as the exact condition of the

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America, for years an admitted expert in this field

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around each, so that now we have four perfect cells. Each of

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occurrence of the pupil reaction when the retinae are so tested (Wernicke's

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1. In the substance of the tissues, giving rise to a cavity more or less extensive,

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presence indicates a serious condition, involvement of the blood

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If, however, the horse be really labouring under this

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Wade, Heitbz, MID., F.R.C.S., Asdetwit Snrgeon, Koyal Infirmary, Sdinburg^,

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Pennsylvania Hospital, Department for Mental and Nervous

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retirement, has served for less than three years in the rank from which he retires,

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entering the cavernous sinus through the sphenoidal fissure. The mastoid

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from the reasonable expectations of our own profes-

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brutal ferocity, had fired at or stabbed the humane individuals who

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by legislative process has incited an apparent conflict between the

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adversaries, expressed the belief that even in perfectly sterilised media,

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glands, seated in the outer corner of the eye, serve t')

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Many attempts have been made to supersede the human rub-

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was hypertrophied, feeling like a thick cord ; its course was tortuous,

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from the primary necrosis. As will be shown later Bacillus aerogenes cap-

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was immediately struck as with an apoplexy, and expired

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dered through the country by day and by night to the manifest preju-

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Lastly, we have to consider inversion gradually induced by polypus

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inject a quart and a half of it first, corresponding with about one pound and a

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The harbour of Batavia being formed by a very deep bay, and

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of a patient is to recommend the food which the patient has found to

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Hall, will consist of three buildings closely joined

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[Read before Soc. med.-chir. di Pavia, 22 trennaio] <Gazz. med. ital., Torino,