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have lived and grown into healthy children. Some of these cases
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“Rehabilitation of the Chronic Neurologic Patient” and
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persons, seems to have supplanted the Olmsted County Medical Society, although
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there are five feet of shale, in which a small vein of water
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weak, small and wiry. Tearing pains in legs, aggravated
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(d) Narcotic and other poisons introduced from without. — Many cases are
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handled uith impunity, if the circuit is not broken.
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In a day or two, by reason of pain in the hip and limb, he
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was a very distinct sclerosis of the posterior root zone,
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it is also certain that on account of the small dimensions of the sacro-cotyloid
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surrounding inflammation has gone down, and we have to deal
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1902 e. — Ueber Befruchtungsvorgiinge bei Protozoen. [Secretary's abstract o
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mit to it; the disease thus went on, and within a short time, the soft parts of
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It is, of course, difficult to state accurately what proportion of the
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Immoderate flowing, or flooding, may arise from irritability or
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OratfiBgus Douglasii, Lindl. Bot. Reg. 21, t, (1810).
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research. As is always the case, there is a third intermediate opinion held by
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in operations where the subclavian triangle on the left
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eases are then treated of, closing with the complex
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month of May, who lived in a retired part of Maine,
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brought to the Park Hospital. She presented a typi-