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ammonic oxalate, he was surprised at getting a beautiful reddish-
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organisms themselves persist, apparently in a latent condition,
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Then again, the fact that the disease usually manifests itself in young
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place of a flattened top, representing the period of ventricular out-
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distended to the size of a turkey's egg ; there were no
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considerations are trifling, and may at an early date be properly
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method of treating diseases incidental to camp life.
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Temp. = Min. + {Max. — Min. x .52), the value was 44.6°,
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10. 1879. Law relating to Hindu widow. By Trailokyanath Mitra.
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starts a new medical college! Try us. cure the disease.
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the editor ; and amongst them we are pleased to see the name
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tinued to suffer dreadful pain in the rectum, espe-
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ilar quantity of serum was injected. ISTo twitching of the legs occurred
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short period and then he went back into his catatonic
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Cysticercus cellulosce has a corresponding geographical distribution. Accord-
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sham ; words are used to conceal ideas, and Talleyrandism is the order
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loads of "walkers" begin to arrive there must be no hitch in the work
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given the results obtained by treatment with adrenalin.
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respectively. The latter is more definite in position, generally lying on
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small muscles of the hand and foot. Those cases of psychosis where
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immersed in a noxious atmosphere and expect favorable
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the great teachers of veterinary science in Germany to-day has the
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cortex were also atrophied. It is only in certain cases that the cortex
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however, Dr. Gregory convinced himself that his Majesty never
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Disinfection of Urine. In the Medical Annals. Dr. E. C.
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Marine Hospital have promised to build an isolation building when the