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January i6th, 1893.— Chas. H. May, M.D. Paper: "A
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"Food, insufficient in quantity and bad in quality, is believed
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A committee was appointed, consisting of Drs. Campbell, Moody,
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increased in numbers, which suggests that they can multiply without any
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Courses 0, 1, 2, and 3 are intended to familiarize the student with the facts
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lathyrism and probably the absence of all syphilitic antecedents -will
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Each tube contained guinea pig complement 0.04 cc. and 1 per cent human
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or thrombosis due to tubercle or other bacilli may produce the lesion
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of the jurisdiction of the Division of Tuberculosis.
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land, near Mansfield Depot, on the Central Vermont R. R., nine
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College; Ph.D. 1981, Medical College of Pennsylvania;
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tration’s “must” list, it’s too soon to start celebrat-
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lectures made by Dr. Erasmus Darwin, 1 who attended
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