1944, Dr. James F. Bosnia left Minneapolis on September
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pure Oil or the most carefully prepared Emulsions are rejected. The Oil is so treated
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a day to 22 gm., and the morning urine of the sixth day (November 15) was
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to sensitive ears, and is a serious defect in those who are destined
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registering between 105°F. and 90°F. It is placed in warm water at
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too strong we have spasm, an3 if too feeble, atony. Thus
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schools in the United States during this period and more than 5
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Friedlander's organism. Passet has shown that an organism
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Dogger Bank, amidst a crowd of London fishing smacks
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which are turned back to the individual hospitals for the
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Pepper, William. 2 [M. D.] [See also Meigs, J. Forsyth; & Pepper, William.]
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the next morning. Other remedies recommended are brandy
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One half the interest of the firm was yours, [Dr. Thom-
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First. — Does the disease itself or do the compli-
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The usual tests for its chief constituents may be employed in its recognition.
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restricted, with general picture of acute inflammatory knee.
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clined to think that there is some mistake about the
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The chyle, accordingly, is nothing more than the lymph which is
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were convalescent — none could be called dangerously
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particles of pus sink to the bottom of the vessel. In some cases, fragments of
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lingual, submucous, and ^bcutaneous. The infiltrated form, as well remarked
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action suddenly became very rapid and feeble, and his breathing laboured.
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by great men with ompires in their brainH," and itoon
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bruit was heard in the pulmonary artery and in the left subclavian. I
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the disease that he is able thereafter to keep his animals free from
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and we print them all, as usual, the size of the '98 volume
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Symptoms. Want of appetite, dullness, sinking of the
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solution of an electrolyte rise at first with increasing concentration
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is simulated. The early headache is much more severe in adults than in
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Professor Dewees*s Essay on Phlegmasia Dolens is noticed in the Lyndon