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Laboratory Tests: Regular serum potassium determinations are recommended. In addition, during
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stains more feebly than in the lymphocytes, and with
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bers of the College, having been elected Fellows at pre-
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ulcers ever perforate. In probably 40 per cent, of cases of
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from the ticne of the second recent abortion it changed
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is retained longest are yellow and blue, but even they may at last be indis-
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that the effect is altogether indirect, the result of the well-known
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Marine-Hospital Service. — Official List of the Changes of
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mation but a chronic phenomenon of some sort, producing
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balanced program in which all pupils have a fair share of her
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ceeding slowness of operation. One proved fatal on the
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in the right fossa. Percussing over the boy's belly I find marked dullness
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that it closed two probable sources of arterial supply, and
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of the limbs : but, in spite of contracture, if an effort he made
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interrupting the function of the respiratory nerves. The specimen was
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This patient, aware of the abscess in my arm, preferred not to
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to Craig all other similar experiments have similarly proved negative,
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Dr. F. K. Ainsworth has returned from his Eastern trip.
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semi-elastic feel, and was not painful ; but then there was also another
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minute, and sixteen cub inches of air taken in and thrown out at
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ought to render us desirous that the medical literature of Scandina-
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instance, constipation, slight tympanitis, colic, and bloody
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ing in septic amputations is always to be feared, and
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expressed a wish to obtain some of my mosquitos I spoke
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influence the patient, differing very materially from other drugs
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large masses on it like papillomata. At places the whole bowel wall was
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rhosis of the stomach. It has also been called fibroid degeneration or infil-
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ly Botanic Sijciet)," and by a resolution of said Societ},
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hail existed only a short time before the operation. Microscopically the
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two types. In the second group of cases the temperature is quite irregu-
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are the legal barriers protecting the schools from the incur-
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called choleraic diarrhoea. I cannot think that any