find that the nutrition was impaired before the appearance of the

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quitoes breed in fresh water. This would appear the more reasonable

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carbonic acid. For this purpose, the powerful stimulus obtained by

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This coagulation generally checks the bleeding in a short time, acting

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sists for years, without our being able to find any continuous cause.

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the group. Several of the varieties may show slight morphologic and

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finely-granular detritus, containing only a few roundish cells, which may

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hut it is sometimes, though rarely, entirely absent At first the secre-

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patients more frequently die of acute intercurrent disorders than of ex-

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digitalis, for the retardation of the pulse was observed in the so-called

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Etiology. — The mucous membrane of the mouth is peculiarly ex-

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cynth. Several of these articles are usually combined; the officinal

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considered it as proved that there are numerous diseases of the liver,

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tarrh of the larynx. In the former, the resonance of the contracted nasal

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rum myrrhse, and of Griffith's mixture, adding, however, that acetate

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tion as at first, yet in a few minutes he feels that it is about to recur; he

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,han two hundred thousand dollars in money. The hospital

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was slighter and less constant In the leuchaemic blood the proportion

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disposal of faeces. This is very important, not only because of the presence of

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79; 83; Also abstr.: Centralbl. f. Bakt. etc., (1888), Abt. 1., 4, 207-208.—

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in the Philippines, as it is in several other oriental countries.

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often find the patient tremulous, pale, and almost feinting. Soon after

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as are those of bronchial asthma, the loud, sibilant rhonchi, so character-

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States Army and the Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service in the?

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few exceptions will be discussed later together with the change in the

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during systole of the ventricle ; but, as the right ventricle is generally

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cases of actinomycosis proceeding from the cavity of the mouth.) Festskr. . . .

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ticularly in the apices. Where it proceeds from protracted inspiratory

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for the effects of venous engorgement of the brain, and thus bleeding

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a control animal dies in three months, the test animal receiving injection treat-

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testinal catarrh as the sole disease. Even outside of the body, as is

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cellular elements of the pulp degenerate just as the liver-cells do in

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selves discolored, and the breath bad; the patients have a sweetish,

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were healed by the application of a strong alcoholic solution of mercuric chloride.

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ing organisms ; of those filled on the flanks of the mountain,

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become restless, excited, and finally delirious. Occasionally the ex-

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does whose food consists almost entirely of meat and eggs. I have

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