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the first place, the people at large were thoroughly imbued

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When it produces large watery stools it is a hydragogue. A very

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Saturday, October 25th: New York Medical and Surgical So-

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into die air-vesicles and caseous metamorphosis of the infiltration are

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dioxide to escape. Three drops of indicator are then added, and the solution is

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immediately preceding them : " Sneezing four times in succes-

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water, mutton broths, and unseasoned jellies, will furnish, at first, suf-

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incomplete and that following the defervescence they are completed and

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Therapeutics. We will merely allude to a few modern

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acid seemed to render the blood more diffluent, prevented its coagulation, and

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lowing operations, viz., neurasthenia, neuralgia, and pe-

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exclude the case of caries of the vertebrae (without deformity) producing

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really dwarfs, five when older became epileptics, one, a boy, had grave

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that is, after it is certain that recovery can not take place.

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muth, strychnia, and arsenic are particularly named.

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of the woman herself. To effect this the chloroform was now discon-

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own. The carts go through those streets first in the morn-^

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First-Lieut. Edward L. Munson, assistant surgeon, will

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the head, pain along the spine, and Ijilious vomiting. Visited the })atient

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Diagnosis. — Suppurative nephritis rarely has a sudden onset. The seat

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for the necessary movement of the patient, it was evident, as the tube was

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matous formations, and was much astonished to find that Mr.» Hutchinson

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ranging from $5.00 to $100.00. The accompanying cuts

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hour, and straining whilst hot ; of this, when cold, the

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open sheds. These animals also had, with one or two

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may be regarded either as S0 4 ,H 9 , S0 3 H 2 0, S0 2 (OH) 2 , or SH 2 ,0 4 .

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derived from the capsule, which appear between the cell body and its

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ment of the true skin as compared to the superficial nature of

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education. In recent years there have been many discussions

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modern pathology demands something more satisfactory. In read-

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papules or small nodules, having a thick, hard eP?df ^ic plug m

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the chest. The termination of the movement is illustrated

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bid conditions of the spinal cord and its mind)raneR.

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it corresponds to and occurs with the paralyses that effect the

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bert, P. Lereboullet, and M. Herscher ^^ the blood-serum of healthy

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posed to correspond to the os internum, but which seems to be situated in the

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force, and to compare the results. When we come to the supra-

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ism is common. Then there is the large group of sep-

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And here let us ask, and we put the question as a hint well worthy of