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LEVARTERENOL: A method for control of upper gastro-

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Suffocation threatens from contraction in the throat and chest, worse

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any stated amount of the bromide, but sufficient to pro-

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man's normal sense of duty, and how he is to do it,

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At the present time there seems to be a considerable

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of uncontrolled reaction to stimuli. Little genius indeed, if any, is

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without inducing narcotism. Fomentations over the abdomen are useful.

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Proportionately, the percentage of adults attacked was as great as

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Wells, William L., New RocheUe, Westchester Co. Original.

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&c. The voyage in a sailing vessel, even a clipper, is for most

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catarrhal ulcerations some degree of fever is usual, and at times it

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per cent, acetic acid. Carbon monoxide blood yields a bright red reaction,

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to him, the papules range from the size of a millet seed to that of a pin's

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. . . how I’d discovered the most amazing thing . . .

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Jacobi (two copies), Dr. Mary Putnam Jacobi, Dr. E. L. Keyes,

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In milder cases, or as improvement takes place, give cream, bacon fat,