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kidney was mistaken for a spleen, an enlargement of the liver,

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the child's trunk may favour severance of the spinal column. All

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Art. 152. — The Art of Tinting Opacities of the Cornea.^

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longation is related to a broad TU complex. Decreased

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it was not twenty-four hours long. The experience of other

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hospital and clinic facilities. This does not constitute

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shiny, atrophic skin was tightly contracted about the bones of the

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But in the granular effervescent form known far and wide as

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purely mechanical nature the relief under the circumstances can

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ihem, whioh are known among the hunters as " bufiolo-liokc." Evat,'

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as " Plummer's Pill," and he was the first person to analyse the water of Moftat

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and during short paroxysms rose to 220 and 240. Until death, which

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mission. This made it possible to design, construct, and equip an area in the

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I wish to contribute a straw to the general fund of informa-

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the plugged veins looking like worms curling over the surface

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3d Year.— Lectures on Practice of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Therapeutics and Pathology,

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the columns of Burdach and Goll ; when the process reaches the upper

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)bserver^ believe that this disease is originally a bacillary

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experience goes, in every case (with the exception of cholera neph-

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Dr. Hughes read a very interesting paper, entitled. " The

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tion of compression and flexion was made use of; and the case was published

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more. There are many causes ; the most frequent is, derangement of the stomach

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before her death. There may have been pus present, but the Bright's

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lege of Physicians and Surgeons; Physician to St. Josephs Hospital; Pathologist

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the following day showed only 1,018 cells per c.c. He was given 260 c.c. of

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These are all just and fair profits : not at all greater than is

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muscle fibres themselves. He suggests the presence of proper propor-

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tion to the last scene in the life of my former friend and acquaintance,

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either Poinsot's or Hutcliinson's notes had fallen under my

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charlatan. It would be well for the Profession if the

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croupous pneumonia), or it may be of normal size or even dimin-

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body snores a little — some a great deal — music which is not bewitching nor

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divisions, each with a Chief Secretary. The two main divisions for the