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the scab falls off, leaving a scar which, dusky red at first, gradually,

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up the excitement of the nervous system without the narcotic effects

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With proper bathing, correct thinking and breathing, convalescence

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The second case was a laborer in a machine shop. During

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ciples laid down in the modern method of sanatorium treatment.

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arranged in the case with full directions for use. The reagents include:

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the volume of the voice; and to the elderly it is a

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In disposition the German in question is a good sort of a fellow,

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from the superintendent of the clinic, lectures on treatment, on

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ferment of the bacterial cell cannot digest and prepare food for the

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•34902 Woodman, W. B.., and Tidy, C. M. Handybook of

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the assumption that splenectomy ablates one factor in the equation

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believed to be the limit of spontaneous recovery from the

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precautions he took to preserve his own health; what his colleague,

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it took me about 300 hours of practice to equal the skills of the

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