scription is intended to represent its most common form.
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and broken down nervous system. I saw an interesting case of
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pyogenic cocci. Bacillus diphtheriae. Bacillus typlii-dbdominalis, Micrococcus
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the blood of some of the lower animals and fish. [Review of Lingard, 1904 i]
Guajacol (found in guaiac resin) ; veratrol (in seeds of Veratrum saba-
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Space Gained. — If the symphysis pubis is cut in a woman
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Zantiote gentleman, a friend of the Foresti family.
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Etiology. — (a) Traumatism. (&) Drugs, (c) Infectious fevers.
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Etiology: — Repeated indulgence in the use of alcoholic
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under priority of right to secure the amount of water
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long as it did on the Continent. Wiseman, in his works, re-
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foot alone. She can also balance herself fairly well
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signs. The face and extremities were very cyanotic ;
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month, takes in the air by the nasal chambers only. It then
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ence which do not fulfil the requirements of this standard, forfeit their
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wadding may be medicated before its introduction with one of the follow-
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discovery of that of infantile con-vTilsions will be close at hand.
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fuse sweats. Pulse 120 to 132. Temperature by the mouth 104. Abdo-
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was a victim of nocturnal epilepsy, the bitten tongue and dull-
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revision of local medicaments made by the advance of theories of
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Prepare a fluidextract by Type Process A, using diluted alco-
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same time. Then gradually the substance of the corpuscle
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wounded are coming into the base hospitals, and it is impossible to use
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by means of a feeder) ; appetite fair, pulse full but quicker