mm. long; silver impregnation method of Ram6n y Cajal. X 100. The fibers of

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vitiate the air, and saturate the bedding or whatever is near, with

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report of the result of the case was seen, as it was then

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century, about 1683, might, I suppose, be called in

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may not impossibly find readers among the Jumpers, Whippers,

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them be prescribed for ; but I do hope that those who read this

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recent experiments succeeded, after £viding the vagi and irritating the proxi-

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retention or increase of reflexes, no muscular atrophy, no loss of electrical

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ported of patients over sixty years of age. I>r. Bram-

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is normally present in the blood during life, as well as in t

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"' I feel greatly indebted to the surgeons for the punctuality and

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fluid, following the course of the cerebral vessels, can escape into the

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which are at times difficult to distinguish the one from the other,

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this object is given in detail ; of which it has been found that the most efficient means of

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complicated facts such as the list of New England states, etc. While no

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guireff, hemorrhagica uterines : etiologie: diagnostic: traitement,

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ceeded to Berlin on May 20th. He found a sessile growth,

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at Manila, will hereafter serve as a floating ho>pital

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with, and there again more especially where the ependyma is thickened.

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cause of the disease is removed, the nitrogenous losses of the body les-

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naturally arises that it is due to overwork ; but an examination of

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very thin. She was directed to take two grains of quinine three times daily.

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the other. It is not strange, therefore, that asthma is regarded as

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7. The amount of action of the pancreas may, in certain cases,

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patient belonging to a very neurotic and highly cid-

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nal medicines were stimulants, such as the infusion

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