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Chest, diseases of the, in children ; their treatment by blisters. By D. Maclean,

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number of cases occurring annually in the Japanese navy amounted in

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Lou., Ky.; Chicago Med. Col., 111.; Ky. School of Med., Ky.;

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contact with the sick, whether in the same class, the same room, or same part

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malformation of periosteum and endosteum at the beginning of the

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he thinks, much will have to be done before we can regard it as

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atrophy. It will apparently cure a hypertrophic catarrh,

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strip of linear lichen planus of pink colour, about \ in. wide could be

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of the jurisdiction of the Division of Tuberculosis.

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Onimus found that in the male ward no deaths took place

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results of inoculation and feeding, are present. Thus, to quote the ex-

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under uniform stimuli. After the application of the given agent,

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Case 102, M., 4J yrs. Mr. Dampier, Prov. Med. and Surg.

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tinguished surgeon at Northampton, and afterward at Spring-field, Mass.

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left auricle and ventricle. Large patches or extravasation on pulmonary artery

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manoeuvres aforesaid, before succeeding in returning the head of

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Elbows slightly to the rear of the points of the shoulders.

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cer of the breast which have been under this gentleman's obser-

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While making this examination, she partly turned on her side and

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in the rectum almost beyond the reach of the finger

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any length of time after the rupture of the membranes, passive

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but she afterwards was influenced by Dr. French to turn

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Gruner, O. C. Exact diagnosis of latent cancer. 1919

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section examined that it was from a case of chronic inflammation.