this instinct of motherhood. To be single is not, for these, a reproach ;

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in very exceptional instances, the symptom must be regarded as

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lage der idiopathischen Osteopsathyrosis, Deutsch. Ztschr. f. Chir., 1908, 92«

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next concern is the hemorrhage, (a) There is a clot to be removed;

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Subscription Price, $3.00 per annum, Invariably in Advance ; Students, $2.00 1

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the case of an actual plague patient should be omitted in the case

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■disturbance of metabolism or to intestinal intoxication. The absorption

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ment of consumption. By his apparatus a current of 80,000

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Healthful— A Midwife at Seventeen— Animals Bringing Forth Their Young— Heavy

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induces a retardation of the venous current in distant parts, and

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markable. A 5 per cent, solution of the liquefied acid is a very

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laboratory, a yield of glucose approaching the theoretical requirement

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though they be tedious and obstinate, are curable, and will finally

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McIntosh, W. p., passed assistant surgeon. Relieved from

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