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but only a sense of tightness and uneasiness in the epigastric region. She would

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(1) always to examine the heart ; and (2) always to com-

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and can not be pulled back except by depressing the head very

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The disease is therefore spread much like typhoid fever, and

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frequent and more severe. The next symptom to appear was

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of the Pennsylvania Hospital ; but this valuable charity cannot

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these points in mind one may proceed to apply the forceps and ex-

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Wood, C. S. Bichloride of mercury: its uses and abuses, 3?S.

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blistering ointment (Vet. Pha. 138.) should be well rubbed in for

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building ; but early in the evening word was received

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in pyridine-silver preparations. It is also probable that some

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should be tested by his record of work less than by periodic examina-

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is worse than useless, as giving a feeling of security to those

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than Walter Mapes, but he was spoiled by living under

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ticular upon the loss of power in the sphincter and muscle as the chief

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contact with them. Measures for the prevention of tuberculosis

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weakness of the stomach; vomiting and diarrhoea; particularly in old

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lowed. From May 15 to November 30 two samples of water were

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Fall term; three hours a week. Lockw^ood's Lessons in

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ter indicated a sudden decrease of temperature. On the Red river, the

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strain and subsequent relaxation of the walls of the blood-ves-

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as of clams or oysters, into the stomachy without ever having been able