[etc.], Jena, 1. Abt., v. 27 (6), 1(5. Feb., pp. 200-217, figs. 1-3; (7-8), 24. Feb.,
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On the other hand, clinical literature contains occasional statements
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Hew- York City in 1860, where twice as many persons died of
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which the diagnosis was not at first clear between Addison's dis-
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lesion, for the oedema and other inflammatory changes persist long after the
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each time until the sac is empty, or nearly so. It can scarcely
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woman ten or twelve days after delivery, whether she died in conse-
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2 Unpuhlished olDservations by Carl Menge, M.D., Strasburg, and T. D. Acland, M.D.,
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The following bills of medical interest were introduced in the 1981
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direct relation to the severity of the impending attack. Severe frontal
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or secondary is a matter of doubt. An effort is being made
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that surround this test in its clinical relations are not sufficiently
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as a disease of the nervous system, it is very infrequent as compared
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Christian Berge, Charles Fradel, David R. Harrison, and William Mason. Had the Worcester improvement been
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wide incision, and freely exposing the surface of the abdominal organs,
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Schmidt is by no means settled,* and the possibility of this origm of urea cannot
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position are not limit«;(l to wliat rnny be floHcribed as their
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won and won again until he had recovered his undivided
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regard the absence of the reflex in health as an event
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become forgetful and emotional ; later insanity may follow
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producing venous anaesthesia in more than lOO cases, each at-
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Under the third count the president makes timely protest against
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operation for non-malignant Htricture of the p\lorus,
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of the Division of Vital Statistics of the Census Office. It may safely
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it around the neck. There are several instruments of this sort in