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their divine worship, and not being permitted to be

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metritis to be practically one and the same disease (one leading to the

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peritoneally, by the rectum, by injection into the common bile duct, and by

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©n rising or retiring, or both, when more advanced.

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ing hairs or other irritants in the wound, or pinning the

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(5) Within thirty (30) days after the date of license or registra-

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February 17, 1919, with a diagnosis of influenza; temperature, 102;

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pulse was weak, soft, and 120 per minute, but, as first stated,

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eloquently described by my colleague in Japan, Professor Wernick,

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To any one who has made an examination of normal patellse, as

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horses kick because thev are afraid of what is behind them, and

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given, thrice daily, until he was entirely well. It is now twelve months,

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seems to be of frequent occurrence in pregnancy. Sometimes inflammation

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will convince ns that these remedies are more efficient than any

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ever, _a much more serious disease. — Wiener med.

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•Many authorities attribute acute infectious exacerbation of

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the latter will present itself as a hard, infiltrated mass, rising

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by the post mortem, the doubtful reaction obtained from this

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not expected to return to duty, will be discharged from service until he has attained

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possible the transport, of each field hospital when proceeding

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years, seen in consultation at hospital, August 22, 1921. Tempera-

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nervous tissues, may be ahnost infinitesimally small. Thus the mere

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to its deptlis thirty years ago by the doctrines of

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W. A. Vulpius, M.D., presented a case of syphilide of

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either absorption with thicl<enin*j of the bone or merely the

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organisms were found. Kelling had the contents of a frontal

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a specially curative action upon the disease. The sulphite of

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promised to be a successful operation proved a failure. I beg of you,