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is diffused through the broken-down pulmonary tissues. Extrava-
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and capsules containing faintly staining or unstained cocci, and capsules
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respiration 30, pulse 140, jaundice, diarrhcea, enlargement of liver and spleen,
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Sydenham was the founder of the expectant treatment ; in his
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tumors, we will not wait until the patient has been re-
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and great prostration of strength and inflammation of the nasal,
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less action of this septum gets exaggerated by affections attended
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It has been elsewhere shown that the Martini-Henry bullet travels
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transudation of serous fluid and refilling of the sac, or possibly of the
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the crusts he was soon well ; though for some weeks
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effort to expel offending matter from the womb, and to aid in
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four diagnosticians. The city is divided into sixteen dis-
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ventricle is not the cause of this influence on the va-
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School, Grace Hospital, Detroit, and Mrs. Emma DranT, Matron of Michigan Col-
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diagnosis iu a large number of cases earlier than now.
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alone, and treated, (after a mild emetic,) by opiates of medium
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Pomatum Lavender — Lard, 2} lbs., lavender flowers, 10
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days, there is ample time for fleas to be transfxirted from place to
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since May 1990 when “first-generation” enzyme immunoas-
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have an appearance which is more or less bright red, bleeding, and
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might be prevented by proper attention to the feet. " No foot, no
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particularly to the people of the United States, can-
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Mortality. — The mortality in beriberi is difficult to state ; much
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The ordinary bivalve anal speculum is entirely too small to put