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where no food or even water can be retained. In Phthisis,
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usual period of forty days, observing a fasting diet.
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ing with much particularity, into the nature of the disease he was
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in no less a degree when the pressure is maintained by an injection of
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Augusta, Geo. Sept. 12th. — The Savannah river is now so low as to have been
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Teeatmext. — Give oil of tar in one or two drachm doses, night
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with care this can be avoided. Rarely the wall may perforate
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duced a highly acute parenchymatous nephritis with bloody
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the movements of articulation or of phonation ; whereas they become
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lowed, the patient being aged. Recurrence seems to have taken
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Farmington, Hartford (1645), 3017 — Carrington, C. ; Wheeler, F.
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expresses it, ' ' Undisturbed maternity, which was essential to the usher-
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Zuckerkandl, O. Atlas and epitome of operative surgery.
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■ i >ieti and Von Vintschgau. Pflliger's Archiv, ists, xvi, 316".
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according to our present views, the most typical forms
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in an enclosed space is maintained at not over 68 degrees F.,
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The fourth and concluding part is on " The Origin, Develop-
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degeneration in the right pyramidal tract in the dorsal and lumbar cord.
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cined bone might be used in certain cases, especially
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The life expectancy at birth is 54.4 years, the infant mor-
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tula since her first confinement, which had been protracted and
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neys. Ten or twenty minims may be given in mucilage every two
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cedure. While Cohnheim, in the course of his experiments,
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