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question, as they all had tubercle bacilli in their sputum, and

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experiment of April 1, 1919, the rectal temperature curve showed a

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communicate with those of the affected viscera take their origin.

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clothing, etc., which are likely to become contaminated through

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because there is then a probability of more or less considerable destruction of

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W. D., 391, 4-0; operative treatment ol high myopia by removal of

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Figs. 80 to 83. Treponema calligyrum in smegma. Spiral amplitude, 1.75 /u,

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than that from the jogalar; and in a fonrth and fifth, yon have speci-

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peculiarity, and says: " Its existence, however, might not

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method in that it could be readily used between the

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disease. Application for admission may be made any day

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strong enough to act as a gorm destroyer, yet weak enough to

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ential diagnostic significance in hysteria and epilepsy.

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finally, it may be requisite in bad cas^s to cut out a V-

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be intracranial, as a sarcoma of the dura mater; intrathoracic, as a

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was hypertonia In the form of catatonic manifestations. Vasomotor

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in gynaecology at present recognised. One is lost in admiration of the

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pathological condition, and this is brought about by the

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had a similar attack of pain, lasting two hours, in Feltruary, 1871.

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wound was closed by suture, no provision for drainage

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street, an elasticity of mind and body, an instinctive

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cause, while the neighboring parts are unaffected, and the

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has been accomplished at the expense of a great deal of work

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idealistic, spent in great part in the loving companionship and

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Alfred I. du Pont Institute of the Nemours Foundation

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Fig. 57.— Reduction of Dislocation of the Shoulder by the Foot in the Axilla.

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believed that a mechanical obstruction existed some-

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know more than we do at present of the life history of the strepto-

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this and other febrile diseases. Neither the dose or condition