The patients are frequently of neurotic constitution, and the symptoms may

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in men and women equally ; and gout at first only attacks one or

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prolapsed iris, and then, not having the magnet at hand, I put a

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I have never been able to satisfy myself that there is such a

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patient. One infant succumbed to " choaking croup ;^' an-

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tional areas of the brain. 3 For cases with poor surgical

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appearance of this coccus in the milk. Of all the cutaneous bacteria, this is

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all owe the greatest debt of gratitude to Dr. Cheever.

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costal margin, bulging forwards as a distinct hemispherical

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Of all the questions asked us by our patients one of the most

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been recorded in this country. Three cases of aphthous stomatitis occur-


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10. The sole rational means of dealing with a posteriorly displaced nterns is

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is in central California, a mid-sized urban community with

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cite many cases in which it was obviously of benefit.

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Syphilitic Alopecia, vol. i, p. 240; vol. vi, p. 116

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I fear that the mortality of the operation (estimated

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fection in medical cases, just as it is in surgical cases, and therefore

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that the normal structure of the serous membranes in this patient

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