movements of the eyeballs and upper lids are not consentaneous.
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opinion as to whether cultures of the typhoid bacillus obtained from different
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after the trial, since which time the patient had dis-
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irregularity. I refer, of course^ to the clinical entity which has come
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the bacteria making up a colony must be submitted to further
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filtration rate and a capacity to secrete urea. In renal artery
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Nine months Residence course, Registered Nurses and |
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The work of Cecil^ in this laboratory, however, conclusively dem-
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orle.-s. Dr. Lusk said that the tube was not, in lact,
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to asserting that the whole is not equal to the sum of all
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in the wild state food had to be taken in rapidly and
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be delivered at the school building on Boylston street,
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to a female patient who was subject to prolonged and ex-
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holism, old age, injuries to the chest, act in favoring the onset of pneumonia,
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commence at the corners of the tent, working first on the sides and then
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calcic, oxalate ;ind uric-acid crystals. Occasional leucocyte and
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On the 13th of September he went to work, feeling as well as usual;
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regarded aa a singular concurrence of opinion, coming, as it does, from
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distention in the epigastric region. There is tenderness on
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Bradley, Dr. Wm. L., ante-partum hour-glass contraction
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They were then transferred to a clean receptacle and fed for 5 days on
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cheap and nasty method in another. Our frequent reference