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breath. No attention was paid to that, but a few minutes the wind from his

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the blood is conveyed mainly to the internal jugular vein, some of it

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in 1853, tne remedy was freely tried without the slightest benefit.

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is about twice as thick as the organism; in artificial media it is usually not

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on the skin of a patient so suffering most probably would not present

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instrumental or material in the blood or in the womb. The

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in test-tube, add two drops of concentrated lIC'l. Uoil

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relaxed, and the heart, under the altered circumstances, fails at

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Regarding the phylogeny of the lunate sulcus we may quote

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and place the child in a soft blanket. After the mother has been made

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of all who practised the medical art, or even of most

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46. Alcohol if habitually and excessively used may cause diseases of

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from achondroplasia whose father and several other relatives had

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But to discover this timely administration, is the difficulty; and its

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be printed in the Army List, inmiediately after those of Her

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are liable to fracture from trivial causes. The bones of old

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that year, it is no great wonder that a Scottish medical journal

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State of Medicine in Hindustan; in China — Inoculation

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opened and the cord presented no naked-eye abnormality. Recovery was

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Of Redness and Inflammation of the Buttocks, Groin^,

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Leopold, is almost like regilding fresh-mounted gold.

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when ascertained, is to be treated upon precisely similar principles

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legs are short for the body, and there is genu varum, and

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a stable like Influenza, or suddenly infect large bodies of

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their preparations of so-and-so are the best in the world, and

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siders it probable that the infection was conveyed through the bite of

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of a better name "vital activity," must depend on the operation of

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strapped with court plaster, or left for a day longer covered

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resent a certain stage of development in other joints. Having

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observations of subjects above puberty, and I myself a number of

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such cases is, that great mental emotion of a depressing charac-

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itself on the southern border of Vose's Grove, in Dor-

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that dissociate into ions. For example, oils, alcohols, glycerines,

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delivery ought to be effected by cephalotripsy, craniotomy, or CsBsareun

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marble of the tomb in a miraculous way, and is used