relief. In the other, the gangrenous gut was removed and an intestinal

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forms of anarthria of similar severity. The distinction between aphemia

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clusion that a patent could not safely issue to either

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the head nods, the eyes close, and thus he continues, until again aroused

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these results gives the total quantity of lymph and chyle,

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senses, and everywhere his predecessors and contem-

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became more marked from day to day. A feeling of freshness

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better, which* is again an illustration of the fact that

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we must confess that in the present state of physiological science there is yet

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May last he was a patient in St. George's Hospital for an abscess in the upper

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change from liquid diet to solid food prevented the recurrence of attacks

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2.3 per cent, had pneumonia. Grisolle saw 4 cases in ten years. Ransdell

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under the strictest surveillance. But this formula is null without

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in the United States. The fact has been established that

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this procedure are certainly small. The danger of hemorrhage

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friend and physician ; and saw him very continually

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Dr. Weir thinks that dilatation is entirely ineffect-

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is not infrequent. In this class the fever increases, becomes more irregular,

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Michigan, Ann Arbor, describes the microscopic findings of the

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statistics of Dr. Keller," being evidently unaAvare that those "celebrated"

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ation. In this operation, after opening the capsule with scissors or

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Sprain of the hock-joint is to be treated with cold water

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on leave, of ('apt. S. G. Cowdrey, assistant surgeon. S. O. 79,

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Gastrointestinal: nausea, vomiting, epigastric distress, abdominal cramping diarrhea

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indeed, she was asleep." During this sleep, the suligect was insensible to pain.