the post-mortem examination, allows us to conclude that the
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pendicitis, Monks, G. H., 210; appendicitis, Hichardson, M. H., 037;
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the alcohol, with the retort^ by means of a tube provided with a stop-cock to
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because as each strip is tested for withdrawal it should
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ulceration, and their absence of its cure, than are the inferential symptoms
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days, of headache, unequal pupils, and ptosis. Aufrecht,
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was no displacement was any double vision complained of. We
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The following bills of medical interest were introduced in the 1981
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hyperaemic. There are two pin hole perforations of typhoid ulcers in the
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tion, while confirming the views which had prompted the inquiry, has
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generally, that has had the effect to abate the severity of the disease, or,
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been institutionalized because of a communicative handicap
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infective cases which may pass on to suppuration or heal by resolution
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called hog cholera, and which are produced by certain unsanitary
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quamcunque fenfibilem a ftatu naturali alienationem,
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* Read before the Western Surgical Association, December 19, 1913.
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mistaken for any other disease, except, perhaps, the choleraic form of
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a syringe is not altogether pleasant, is difficult for
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the eighth month of pregnancy, subject to constant hysterics, and in-
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nature of the disease in this case, but its power was not
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as if they were substantive diseases. In the only well-marked
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poison is absorbed in this animal also. It is imbibed by the tissues of
Veterinary Surgeons, 1892) ; Snyder, Rudolph, M.D.C, Lamar,
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affections of the eye, of the ear, of tlie larynx, &c., which
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fect to raise a high, though but temporary, excite-
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One of these contanied infected rats; the other had been emptied of