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the upper rectal wall. The projectile had not opened the peritoneal


one (probably urea) diuretic, one narcotic, one sialogogue, one

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or by the bladder, or, lastly, they may have become incorporated

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junfturis, potiffimura infeitus ; per intervalla rever-

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inches below the umbilicus. The skin was very tliin, adipose

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insanity, arising partly from the different ends and character of

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which there was no marked lesion of the pancreas excei)t

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Steinberg GK, Fabrikant JI, Marks MP. et al: Stereotactic heavy-charged-particle

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the 26th and 27th of January. There was a large repre-

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This horse likewise showed a few glandered nodules in the lungs

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furnished the article on pages 38 to 41. He sent addi-

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dysplasia of the hip during early infancy, but cjnly one, limita-

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Laramie Hills. July 7, 1894 (No. 352); Table Mountain. June 27,

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sation of the epigastric region for ten minutes, and

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beaten eggs, ^ pt. of cream, a little nutmeg and cinnamon, white

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Derma.titiS Repens. — Definition. — ^A spreading dermatitis,

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Whilst watching these interesting cases of biliary fistula, Mr.

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Her sister says that as a girl she might have been described

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Notes on Booiis ... ... . • • ■ • • ■ •■ • • • ■ ■ • — 60

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than those of the extremities. Very few have been discovered in

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advanced cases the tendency to stenosis has a very bad effect.

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measure in cases of malignant tumors which could not be oper-

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troublesome cases having been those which had been dosed be-

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2655 Pine Ave, Long Beach 90806. (310) 427-7421, ext. 4338.

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The temperature varied from 100° to 102°, and the pulse from 100 to 130.

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force the air the whole length of the tube between bellows

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around the neck of the uterus, were removed, and the

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The effect of the freeze of September, 1895, '^ ver>'

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effusions beneath the pia mater and into the ventricles.

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the case of an actual plague patient should be omitted in the case

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work advises every obstetrician to prepare for flooding during