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maladies. This must have been the case as regards Mr. Chen-
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avoid them. Delirium is common and is usually of the type seen in drunk-
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19.39, Carbohy^ates 73.27, Phosphates 3.34, Water 4.00."
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W. E. Nourse, a Brighton Surgeon, relates in the March No. of the
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succeed in calling forth many of the symptoms of the diseases by injecting the
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1888 b. — New European natural enemies of the asparagus beetle. [Abstract of
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from the accumulation of mucus in the air passages. She
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lowed. From May 15 to November 30 two samples of water were
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rating slowly on rubbing and letting the solution stand. Recrystal-
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because it is too unphysiological, because it does not spare the
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has resulted in many outside toilets being done away with.
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productive of satisfactory results. Much attention should
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As may be readily inferred, these energetic measures were
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patient at this time, that not one present expected other than a fatal ter-
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carotid artery in its passage through and below the involved region; inflam-
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March, the degree of M. D. was conferred j depend so much on her tuition and exam-
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hand very ingenious and careful workers such as Thudichum and
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patient. One infant succumbed to " choaking croup ;^' an-
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appear between the seventh and fourteenth days; there is abdominal
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excreted during the night is usually less than that during the day. This
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by wasting of the thigh muscles, so that extension of
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follicle (simple follicular cysts), sometimes on some other point of the jaw than
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ed that Dr. Paul F. Eve, of Tenn., be substituted ; agreed to. Report
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the function of respiration when it is pathologically profoundly
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butter ; add pepper, salt, some minced parsley, and chopped
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leading to retention of urine ; this can generally be overcome by getting