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tion, came under my observation on the 24th of May last. My
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the dilatation of the cervix and the escajjc of the anuiiotic
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The bronchi contain a quantity of frothy liquid, and if the
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side uppermost, on a sieve. There is a great knack in beating
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the model of Westminster. No person would then be permitted to
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expected from the exhibition of a certain drug. When, however,
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what regular medicine was in the past. Paracelsus wrote a book for the
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and may remain so for several days. They occasionally suppurate.
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suddenly with loss of power, anaesthesia to the elbows, and hyperaesthesia of
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Cases in which there are no cerebral symptoms, or but slight cerebral
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Abscess invariably precedes the gangrene. Gangrene is never a
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twelve out of the whole number, too few to take any step
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it should certainly find a place in every physician's
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tually suffer from vertigo, are more seriously affected with this symptom in the begin-
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>trabisuius. As Dr. Wadsworth justly observes, "the
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In the treatment of these conditions, Mr. Lennox Browne seems to
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cerning speculative points, with perfect agreement in those modes of practice
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to inspection. The novice does better, perhaps, to stand behind the
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Injection B occupied approximately three seconds, whereas Injection A
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six of the cases. The gonococci disappeared in one day in two cases, in
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the parasites, because their stereo-chemical molecular con-
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pigment continues to be formed all over the body, just the same.
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light on these morbid appearances. He found both in patients and animals dying
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treatment for all penetrating wounds of the chest by gun-
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superstition and from the stifling traditions of the
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ment which, in the light of painfully acquired experience on'
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thritis and diarrhea were all misleading. The conjunctivitis
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tion. This was found to be a valuable experience by
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^and we will ship by exiiress, C. O. D., you to pay express and return charges.
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work as ufual ; the belly neither increafed in bulk
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This — the latest addition to our hypnotic agents — promises
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With the above data available, it is possible to compare the actual
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of the ribs — that they should, in fact, be named the lumbar ribs, and are short