was seen again in April 1898, and presented the appearance of perfect

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That is what life means to most of us. Work ; steady

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alities of fashionable life, early rising, early repose, and undisturbed

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There are many cases in which nearly all of one hemisphere was

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We must not forget, however, that during the first moments

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in resisting an invasion, not only regular troops would be engaged,

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Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. of New York (Outside Back Cover)

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highly endemic areas, large metropolitan regions such as San

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extent, used to call in the priests after the birth of a child, who carried on

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Paraguay, Porto Rico, Canada, Czecho Slovakia and England.

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of spare habit, and rather given to intemperance, was admitted into the Hospi-

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be better than in acute cases. In women tampons soaked in the solution

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a contact disease, and its prophylactic treatment as a quarantinable

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that the countries of Europe are foisting a large num-

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That intra-uterine therapeutics have not yet crystalized into car-

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body, to which much attention has been paid, the " crescent "of Laveran.

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Sanitary and Medical Analysis. — Hygienic Research. — Forcnic

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but oh ! there are others that even the pearls of the light dew

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lectures on phthisis, he entered carefully into the

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such lesions. They are necessarily mechanical prin-

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showed sugar in two hours, but the blood sugar was normal. After

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fully sufficient to guard against infection, provided ordinary

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A very objectionable, and I may add, ruinous, practice prevails

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vaginal examination it was found that the os, which had been

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as are seen at autopsies, that is. when they have reached such a maximal

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death in cases of death, rushes in in emergencies, and,

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of insanity may be averted. Of course it is the gen-

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"Osmotic pressure corresponding to A = -0.6 C. equals 5,662 mm. Hg (75 m. of H 2 O), and