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or badly treated gonorrhoea, it may be induced by inflammation of

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this not the case, the damage done by alcohol, as it man-

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sion of tendons, whether partial or complete, by gunshot is usually

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In fresh cases we try to help them; put two wide boards on the sides of

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which did not mature heads. The barley was planted April

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They dwelt apart, in a little world of their own, and

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the lesions appeared to be scattered anywhere on the body it did not follow

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injections in these places. The intravenous injection of antitoxin has been

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keep at as large a dose as can be borne without much

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bv the person's diet, which increases the blood too much^

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That they shall use no tobacco, that they shall take no intoxicating

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used for these affections. Particular care should be taken that oil or

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diziiness and cerebral oppression, and took to his bed.

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operation. In his cases he removed the tumour entire without

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tween pelvis and fetal head, the latter is engaged, or

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Singer, C. .Tour. Roy. Naval Medical Service. Vol. II, No. 4.

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For a moment he may even forget about the bow-hand altogether,

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yellow, greenish, or redish colour, from admixture with bile or

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activation of the sympathetic nervous system and without

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The point is emphasized also that it is the severe cases in which the

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30. A Series of Cases, illustrative of the N'aluc of Tuberculin .is .-1

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with uterine derangements who really believe that there is no help

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to V. Graefe. He believed the iris to be a secreting membrane,

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allowed for the development and increase of the living

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great as his anxiety with regard to himself. Much good may be ac-

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of chronic uraemia, less frequently by inflammatory processes in

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The so-called calvaria membranacea is also characteristic of the

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Dr. Sbathick moved a suspension of the rules for the purpose of in-

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All vital action is based on the principle of alternate contraction and re-

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the number of bacteria found by the plate method after

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liver and kidney cut from the fresh tissue showed changes in the parenchyma.

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offers no special peculiarities in treatment; massage, electricity and strychnia

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material, evidently of gummatous nature ; it measured in parts J

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corresponded, and that only partially, to the description

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Tbe paper was followed by an animated discnssion, BOBtained by Mr. Adaas