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(4125) a.a. of the University of Aberdeen. Proc. 1899/1900-
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Pearce, Geary, Ulin, Sachs, Grotzinger and the rest
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tion, accommodating themselves to the necessity, may suffice to
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Indianapolis, Indiana 46202) and the Indiana Medical History
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also by their slight coloration. Among them we encounter some
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fuse. Spurs short, hooked and knobbed. Slightly pubescent on
Duration. — Sudden death is very rare. One case is quoted by Fagge ;
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annual meeting in Boston. Since then he has had more frequent opportunities
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thy from us. If the gentlemen from Ohio, who are trying, in pretence,
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lar reaction, and it was the universal belief among
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them to one third of the members of the Society. When the proper
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times experienced in the right leg, the right side of
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goods for 3-4 hour ; take out the goods, then add to the dye
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When a considerable portion of the uterus would be removed with the tumor,
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article by Mr. George Tucker, Lancet, March 7, 1835.
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Preventive Treatment. — T have always changed the ani-
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off the supply of bread, butter, milk, sugar, beer, soup, potatoes,
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Mix the corn to a stiff paste with a little of the milk. Put
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have been severe in our criticisms it is because the
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possess a breadth of from ^^ to ^Ij" (Paris), and get smaller, until they are only from y|^
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Filtered solution Loeffler's methylene blue io.o Cc.
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powder, very similar in appearance to iodoform, but with the immense
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mi nun iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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3,000,000 per cm. This loss of 2,000,000 per cm. is probably
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there is no marked extensor paralysis, he being alile,
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hypochlorite concentration every twenty-four or forty-eight
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tender orifices of wounds, or to the neighbourhood of granulating
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structure of the liver and demonstrate the significance
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It appears from the experiments of Dr. Christison, that the urine
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can distinctly trace, in different lobules, the progressive changes
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the blood-vessels, and an increased blood-pressure. The condi-
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tax year to which the claim relates. That means that up to 5th
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c.\use. I suggested its probable origin from a knowl-
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Kramer, Marc B. Adjunct Assistant Professor of Audiology
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tion of thrombosis takes but a short time. Why is it these
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should be restricted, as was acute myelitis, to the group of cases in which
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the sequences of trauma, are claimed by the surgeon with an
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Pilocarpine. A German journal says, in a year and a half
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(2) Clinical examination of the gastric contents. — A. Macroscopic ex-
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liver develops a Fatty Degeneration, and so the treatment should be just