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to go out that no operation is advisable where there is general septic
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Government Quarantine Station at Fisherman's Island,
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now belonging to the inhabitants should be disinfected, and 1 have been called
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mostly in young women between the ages of fifteen and twenty-three, and
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de patients had suffered considerably from the effects of
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very early stage of the disease, when the 8kin is hot and dry, and the expecto-
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elude that all that is really necessary is to put the sutures in
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tive insusceptibility to radiation. The cases have a tendency to
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request that at our next annual session our present Constitution
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rise immediately preceding the beginning of the ventricular sys-
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also solved many of the most abstruse problems of Physiology. Notwith-
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passes into the second stage ; when its nature becomes very
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no account is given in natural history, it is probable that this carcass might have
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The ear laid on the swelling detects a fine crepitating sound
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cyanosis, severe prostration, and enlarged spleen, should suggest a bacter-
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(Prof. Obstetrics, etc., St. Louis Medical College*
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adolescent insanity occurring during the latter five years of the
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had decided convergent strabismus, both for near and dis-
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styptics, the tampon, &c,, but to separate the placenta, and remove
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the teeth, and so important have these organs become as guides to the anatomist in the
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Beitrdge zur Lehre der Castration der Frauen, von Wilhelm
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Since Koch made known his great discovery of the bacillus
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men which ought not to be spoken of abroad I will not divulge, as
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Station WTCN, radio; Edwin Lewis, Associate Profes-
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quent correction of many of the grosser abuses con-
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upon the advantages of a prolonged rest in bed for at least three
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five cousins — brothers — each of whom ia the father of twins.
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of drinking water free of charge ; but from the response that
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It is the remedy for exhaustive labor cases, and for
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they produce, in the first place, an impression on the nervous
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the urethra) is said to render a ram infertile. (?)
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disappear. That normal suggestion acts powerfully when the level of the