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Surgery at the University of Southern California School of Medicine,

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1893 cā€” Avian Entozoa. [Abstract of Linton, 1892 1] <J. Row Micr. Soc,

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did not at first recognize her ā€” so different was the well-dressed,

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given to the indiscriminate use of antipyretics and para-

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Nocard and Motas record one case where they reached 54,000.

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graph 6oi, M. M. D., the medical supplies and dispensary service

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the artery has been wounded. In other instances, the stoppage

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weeks being 19.5. Croydon has the lowest death-rate for the quarter, 14.4;

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years before the Christian era, is, however, wrapped

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Diphtheria also, like scarlet fever, entails acute inflammation

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Dr. D. F. Stevens, Assistant State Veterinarian, Mount

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nary tuberculosis, and their deposition and development in

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order to have these early pigs, and to save and care for

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quickly informs him that she is perfectly sound in that locality; and

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point is a very strong one, though we fully admit aerial

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pletely blighted, and I have long since given up her case as quite