or physiological difference which makes them more accessible or more
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skin. The palms and soles, and even more exceptionally the backs of the
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cision can be maintained without undue loss of time in
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When injected into guinea-pigs, or rubbed into the scarified skin, pro-
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rather that one cause is producing changes in vessels and epidermis alike,
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that which includes a small class of cases in which the symptoms begin
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attack is sometimes quite inscrutable, but often it may be traced.
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alterations in the surrounding tissues do not necessarily preclude hysteria ;
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in only 10 ml of the test solution, the length viewed in the first case
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certain cutaneous nerves. I have seen several instances of this curious
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In the simple intertrigo, so common in children, dusting powders are
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tion, but which appear when the ciliary muscle is no longer under control.
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markable by holding to their wigs when the rest of the
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true spasmodic torticollis, probably he is correct in his opinion. When
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Indian got well, and Grandes Oreilles plaintively confided to
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(Rosenberg, Schramm, Scanzoni), may be cited as examples of such reflex
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Occasionally it falls to the duty of the medical practitioner
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in overgrowth of the corium. The growths are composed of loose fibro-
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such as urea, sugar, calcium, fats, amino acids, and Kjeldahl
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A small head, independent of the size of the body, frequently renders
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may appear on the face, neck, and other parts. There is great congestion
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but sometimes even in moist parts like the flexures. Limited scaly
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that I forfeit, is no greater than the benefit of eating it now, that I indulge
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place by the judgment of the sufferer, who does not lose all sense of
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And here is one of his prescriptions: — "For example,
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becomes dull and friable, and frays away at the edge. Such disorganised
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sisted of dried toad, arsenic, tormentil, pearl, coral, hyacinth,
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rounded and blocked by epidermic plates. The eyeballs are normal, but
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original eruption is eczematous there is more tendency to spread ; but
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of C. oviforme it is easy to cause the animal to undergo its alternate
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