tion, and finally end in mortification. This is the concurrent testimony
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these troops on their arrival at the place of destination, — ^the vicissitudes
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Ruchlin, Hirsch S. Professor of Economics in Public
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hibitors), and during the two week withdrawal period from such drugs.
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with the exception of one city that reports 600 cases. The other
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Medal from the American Psychiatric Association in 1979.
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ing ill su<'.coss, and it is to be feared always will.
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which is to be dissolved •• dies " either before or dur-
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days the integrity of the brachial artery has ceased
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Zweifel/ on the other hand, prudently says that it is unnecessary
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nal cavity is well known to occur in shock and other states.
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Another centre of cures is the church of the Panagia
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blood; when that secretion takes place is yet a moot
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will cease for a time: there will be a sudden interruption of a move-
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oxide of iron; boiled oil sufficient to make a paste.
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so largely exceeds it in amount) must pass before accomplishing its work
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flow over cut or damaged tissue and so become mixed with thromboplas-
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convened at 10 a. m. Paper was read by Dr. B. Switzer, entitled
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the verge «)f the grave, it is In-tter not U) ojKTate, in
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first night of hospitalization and also had four bowel
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pana, Klebs, Hunter, and others in Europe, Von Ruck Taylor, Denni-
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be taken, and, when the patients are very much enfeebled, a
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itself on the southern border of Vose's Grove, in Dor-
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sioned officers present for duty one to four privates of the hospital
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and of the infantile disease under consideration was
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blood is subject to considerable variation just as it is in human blood.
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derly built woman. The lips and mucous membranes were quite pale. Over
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the reply that the occupation of the patient was "wading in the
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church of Rome, by mediaeval writers and by writers
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applied freely, together and singly, had failed ; this, although
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anus, acting as a valve, effectually preventing defecation. On
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Dirty sleeves. — A similar source of danger is that of allowing a