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find the same tissues primarily affected in post-partum fevers.

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conduction of the excitation from the sino-auricular node to the

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the head, in the frontal region, which, when intense, passed over the

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for inducing contraction and obliteration of the slender canal. In

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the irritation of the lid did not give rise to the usual flow of tears.

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medical college. In one of these cases the surgeon flattered

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Prog. Mid., 1878, p. 653). Stricture from perichondritis

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fore the greatest care and caution ought to be used, and her

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Sherbourne St., is anxious to add several nursing assistants to her staff.

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It is clearly the duty of our officers to improve sanitation for the

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nitrogenous bodies suitable for digestion and absorption, and the

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there are points of disintegration, cover them in by Lembert sutures.

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advanced cases with superadded infection, where operation for any

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Many writers have endeavored to impress the public, and also

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S. B., aged 34, a healthy mechanic, consulted me on 5th

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the general signs of severe haemorrhage ; we can feel