In the table below the effect of carbol ingestion on the urine is set forth ;

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Ergotin first causes contraction of the arterial muscular tissues, consequently

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topic. After assigning to the book the number denoting its

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ed from skillful management after parturition; though the best manage-

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derness over the whole of the lower part of the abdomen. If

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ture as to cause fears of asphyxia, but this danger

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Governor's house, grown out of the old prison, may be called the public

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the same complaint, and had been treated with " an ointment contain-

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"Oh, I have seen that tried before, and it won't work."

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high and give great trouble. The sutures must be very carefully tied at the


MEL I NTS FOOD is tlie most nourisuin S diet for invalids and nursing

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amputations had to be performed while the wounded men were

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doloris et aliqnando caloris in pecStore fenfus ; dyf-

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which, however, presented no true epileptic character, and might

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that the parasite of actinomycosis is one of the " strep-

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from the primary necrosis. As will be shown later Bacillus aerogenes cap-

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It was in this period that the Public Health Acts were passed (1872-1875),

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many imitations of it, mostly made in Switzerland, and all originated there.

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tion is annually supplied by the general government for pur-

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are the so-called pseudo-reactions which occur mostly in persons

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chronic retro-bulbar, optic neuritis. Hutchinson,^ of London,

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of nitrate of silver. I began by giving five centigrammes during

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