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County Clerk of the town. Each person solemnizing a mar-

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very rapid ventricular response after receiving ISOPTIN (or digitalis).

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Some years ago I described a variety of xanthoma associated with

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elicited by hard work or changes in temperature. Two

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nutrition of the heart, largely by improving the circulation in

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M.D., Editor of the "American Journal of the Medical Sciences." In one large royal

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In addition to the objections mentioned above as applying to the humoral

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or extra-cardiac causes. It is often suggestive of that reduplication of the

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The individual prognosis must be drawn from the severity and fre-

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and is often mistaken for a pityriasis, or lepriasis,

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municated to the author by M. Paul Broca, in which that

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Naturforscher Versammluiif/ in Breslau, 1874, p. 230. I have been unable to

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cases of Bright's disease, that is, 60 per cent. On the other hand, an

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Professor Carnochan's valuable paper, "Contributions to Operative

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seizes the patient as soon as his feet strike the floor on rising in the morning;

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continuous pathologic relation between perpetrator and victim

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begun. The nutritional nerves are day by day still further depressed, in

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graceful piece of generosity on the part of the American

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not uncommon ; nor is hysterical paraplegia or coma rare. Ee-

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concentrated upon the patient himself as an individual With-

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whose physiognomy was that of sixty to seventy years.