the eleventh day of October, the same instrament was again replaced,

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In all, 44 rooms were examined. From 15 of these rooms, or 34.08

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alcohol, one grain contains ^ of a grain of the medicine. In the second

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lectureship on surgery had been set up. Finally, in 1898, the University Medical

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later, in one of the bas« hospitals sufiering from shell-shock. After

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in hospital at the close of the three preceding weeks being 32,

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of the minor instinct desires. 7 per cent claimed they could not save

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commissioned officer is the left guide of the second platoon, the fourth

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possible that no visible permanent signs existed; in

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time no other fatality to record. But realizing the

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by rhythmically striking the palm of one hand with the fingers of

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A woman, aged 38} for the second time pregnant, had the

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often improved and the temperature lowering. To rid the bowels

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period, known as puberty, which is manifested by the first

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It should not be forgotten that bleeding haemorrhoids are the

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large. Many of these are simply modifications of the same diathesis, others

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The purpose of the present investigation was to determine a

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tended fingers closely approximated, following Avenbrugger's

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1 1 2-bed full service hospital, very well equipped. Ex-

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teen years of age. At that age, sarcoma is very com-

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Institute for Medical Research, of which this is Number XXXI .

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He will find that its first effect seems to be that of a diffusive stim-

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the patient found himself quite well : day by day, however, he

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She was able to assume more nearly the horizontal posture ; the extremities

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